3 Top Ways You Can Make the Most of a Boardroom Table

Meetings take place in every work place, and are used to commonly discuss matters of interest. If you have been using the corner of your office or a room with old desks and chairs, it may be time to consider giving your meeting room the uplift it needs with a boardroom table. Designed to fit large groups comfortably, boardroom tables are becoming one of the ‘must-haves’ when it comes to office furniture.

Corporate Feel to Your Office

A boardroom table can offer a real corporate feel to your company.  You could choose to use your boardroom table for many purposes, and could really make the most of it in the following ways:

  • Use the boardroom table for team building tasks
  • Hold meetings with clients, to add a more personal touch to the service you provide
  • It could be used to hold review meetings

boardroom table

As employees spend a lot of their time in the workplace, it’s important to ensure that they are comfortable and happy where they work. Small things like high quality office furniture can make employees feel proud to work in their office, and it is likely that they will enjoy where they are working, rather than just being seated at a standard, plain and old office desk. You may have seen boardroom tables in Sir Alan Sugars Apprentice programme, but you could now get your hands on one of your very own.

Give Your Office an Uplift

If you are looking to give your company the uplift it needs, buying a boardroom table for your office could be the answer you have been looking for.  They are available in a number of different colours and finishes, ranging from light oak to a dark chocolate colour.  As they are available in many styles, you can either choose something that fits in with the rest of the office décor, or you could even go for something totally different to add a unique feel.

Office furniture in general can sometimes become quickly dated, but boardroom tables are becoming increasingly popular, and more companies have started to invest in including these within the workplace as they help to make a business appear more professional.

ACT Furniture provide boardroom tables in a range of different styles, so to find out more information, you can give them a call on 01902 490 273.


How veneer finishes can offer style to your office

Traditionally offices had a very ‘hard faced’ appearance.  They were designed with minimalistic features which included a desk, chair, stationary and a computer or typewriter. The element of office design changed rapidly in the 1960’s – where open plan offices became popular. This was because it allowed easy communication between colleagues. As time has moved on, office furniture has changed and companies are becoming more relaxed in the way they use design effectively in their businesses.


It is often said that we spend more time at work than we do at home with our families. Whilst this may be true, it just goes to show how much effort and thought should be put into office furniture.  Providing your employees with a stylish, comfortable, attractive environment will allow them to enjoy their place of work, and could increase productivity. It is believed that staff who have these features are likely to work better by being happier.

There are a different range of desks, chairs and other office furniture available. Veneer finishes for desks are particularly popular.  The sleek, shine and overall finish shows high quality, and will let your employees and clients know that you take pride in your business inside and out.  Wood veneer derives from a certain part of wood which is cut from a log using a sawing machine.

Not only does a veneer finish offer style, but it is also well known for being strong and durable, so it will be long-lasting which will prove to be cost effective. Other benefits of veneer finishes are:


Wood veneer can have a burl sliced into it which will keep the movement of the wood under control. This will prevent it from warping, which is great.


Wood veneer may look basic, but it can be easily transformed into practically anything.  It can be as fancy as you want it to be, and comes in various other finishes including oak, cherry and walnut.


Veneer finishes show quality, and careful crafting can ensure that you receive high quality in furniture. Desks in particular shine and offer elegance to any office.

It is important to consider the design of your office as this is where not only your employees will work, but also where clients will be meeting you.  Having furniture that is tidy, clean and well-designed will make a good impression showing that you offer quality within all parts of your business.

ACT Furniture offer a range of wood veneer finishes for office furniture to suit your individual style and requirements. For more information you can visit their website.

How useful can executive desks be?

Your office is never complete without furnishings to make it look appealing, welcoming and business-friendly.  Having furniture within your office such as desks, chairs, small sofas and cabinets can give your office more of a lift, and really fill the room out. Desks and chairs provide you with your own personal space to work within, so that you can take yourself away and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Executive desks in particular are great for being able to give you plenty of room to allow you to organise paper work, so that everything is within easy reach. They are also an impressive piece, and certainly an eye-catcher when you invite clients into your office. The executive office desks can give a sense of gentle authority – but will also remarkably stand out from the other desks that your employees may have within the workplace.

Executive office desks are useful in a number of ways, they:

  • Can be in whatever shape or size you want
  • Are extremely versatile
  • Give a completely different look
  • Allow more space than regular desks
  • Can position your laptop or PC wherever you like
  • Allow plenty of leg room
  • Come in a range of designs, to make yours differ from other businesses executive desks you may have seen
  • Allow more room for a working area
  • Give more organisation for your work – you can spread things out a lot more than you could on a regular desk

executive desks

With an executive desk you can make your office really stand out, you can choose to co-ordinate the desk with other items of furniture within your office, and select from L-shape designs, or circular-edged designs. They can be created to suit your needs, and have the look you desire.

ACT Furniture offer a range of styles of executive desks to suit your company, in designs such as Nimbus Cherry, Nimbus Natural Walnut, Stratus Light Oak with Walnut Inlay and many more. For other designs, and further information you can visit actfurniture.com

Increase Office Productivity By Re-Arranging Your Office Furniture

If your office is cramped and you lack adequate storage space, it may well be time for a clear out. Although the vast majority of offices have not quite made it to the ‘paperless office’ stage, you may well find that due to cloud computing, you really don’t need to print out as much paperwork as you did in the past. Have a realistic look at your office and be honest – are there files stacked up which haven’t needed to be accessed for over 12 months? If so, it’s time to start archiving.

There’s no real need to throw old paperwork out unless you know you really won’t need to use it again, but it is a good idea to archive those files which aren’t active. Choose a storage system which will house all of the current paperwork and will also have room to store more for the future. Financial paperwork only legally needs to be stored for 7 years – anything which pre-dates this could be shredded. File away folders in a logical system so that it can be found easily again in the future – either chronological or alphabetical order are usually sufficient.

ACT Furniture Executive Desks

Next take a look at the number of desks which you have. You may have recently taken on new members of staff and additional desks have been squeezed onto the end of a row or in the corner of the office, but this may not create an ideal working space for your workers. Alternatively you may find that you have had to lose certain staff members, or indeed some of your workforce may be spending more time working from home. Work out how many desks you need, add in a couple of extra desks which can be used as hot desks, and create a floor plan to accommodate all of them, taking into account the available space. Try to avoid having workers facing the wall or being place far away from co-workers if they need to have regular contact throughout the day.

Good quality office furniture may be more expensive to buy initially, but it should be more hard wearing and therefore will last longer, providing economic sense. Having matching, high quality office furniture can also create a sense of professionalism and will help to give a good first impression for visitors to the office. Executive desks may not be required for all of your office workers, but they are certainly a good idea for director or senior management level staff.

Here at ACT Furniture we thrive on challenges, so if you need some help and advice on redesigning your office layout, we may be able to provide you with the ideas and furniture you need to re-organise your office. Take a look the ACT Furniture website for further details.